**  UPDATE  12-8-03   finished!!

**  Josie needs a pillow, so here's the "Josie Project" in the near finished stage....wish i took photos of the sweaters before i cut them up...

**  went to Vincents in Stoughton, they had a green tag sale 99 cents, picked up 6 wool sweaters for felting.... threw them in a hot wash/hot dry...

**  the pillow is 18" x 18" and i have a ton of felted material left over...the sweaters shrunk about 30%

** and here's josie in the pile of felted sweaters before i cut them all up...

1. make sure the sweaters are 100% wool or mohair, no nylon, not even 5%!!
2. cables, ribs and fairisles do not felt well for this kind of project
3. sew squares together edge-to-edge, no need to sew wrong side together and have that ugly lump
4. use that yellow jean thread, it's strong and adds a nice touch of color (white looks gross)
5. use a dryer sheet, or your felted sweaters will smell like burned hair  ;-)

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