FISH BOWL       is it a purse?  a pillow?

** i had some Jo Sharp cotton and wanted to make a fish bowl with knitting and crochet... so here's a look at my progress so far... 

**  the blue is knitted and i did crochet around the edges for some support and texture... if i sewed the two pieces together, the blue bowl part would pop out a bit, which i did by inconspicuous increases

**  a closeup of the knit to crochet edge

**  the back is all crochet... (i have to weave in the ends of the yarn)... and i made some little crochet fishes, but cant find them.. 

**  SO, its just sitting around until i decide to put it together... i want to add crochet fishes to the fish bowl front, and also sew some sequins for  bubbles... but i cant decide if it should be a purse or a pillow... i feel like the knitted part is too delicate for either... hmmm

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