**  my cousin asked me if i could make this hat for her, so the challenge begins!!

OCT 25, 2004  ** here's a version of the crochet hat in Big Wool!  a simply perfect yarn for this hat pattern... this is worked exactly the same as the Reynolds Blizzard version

i gotta figure out how to take better photos of myself!!  hahaha

click here <--- for the flower pattern

SEPT 20, 2004  ** the patterns are up!  click here
i still have to duplicate the original big flower on the photo above... and Kaori made the knit version this weekend, and did an awesome job on the flower, here's a photo... i love the stitch definition in the photo, you can really see how lacy it is...

SEPT 17, 2004  ** here's the crochet version!!

** now if i only had a photographer to take photos of me with the hat on... so all you get is this lousy side view  ;-)  and the front view on the creepy foam head, haha

**  i didnt have enough yarn left over to make a huge flower... and by the way, the yarn is used is Reyonolds Blizzard, but i think a more stretchy normal yarn would make the hat look exactly like the the anthropologie version...

**  so i have to send my cousin some photos and see which one she wants... i'll be posting the pattern next week!!  for both versions... i like the knit one better, but the crochet version is nice and snug... they both have redeeming qualities..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SEPT 15, 2004  **  yay!  i've got some good news on "the claudia project" and a bunch of photos...

** first off, not seeing any closeups of the hat, i thought it might be knit... then after i got a few emails about more photos on the anthropologie site, it's for sure a crochet hat...

** also, i got an awesome email from Kaori (who lives in Texas) and she too was super curious about the crochet stitch used in this hat... so she went to the local library (which, in this century, is Barnes and Noble.. i know you girls do it too, haha) and looked at a bunch of stitch books to figure it out... (now, let me tell you i'm very impressed... while i was finishing up the knit version i had a partner in crime working on the crochet version, dream come true!!)  ...she swatched a bunch of stitches and finally figured it out!!  here's a couple photos

this is for sure the stitch used for the hat

Kaori says its "backloop single crochet"
worked from the top down, and turning the
hat inside out to show the backside of the stitch

and here is Kaori's miniature version of the hat
awesome huh?!?! 

** continuing in "the claudia project" news, here's the knit version of the hat... with a single flower

and here's a front view on my creepy foam head


i like the double-flower much better than the single flower

** SO WHAT'S THE NEXT STEP?  well, i have to do the crochet version and see which i like better... the knit hat is very cute, but i think my cousin will want the crochet version...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SEPT 10, 2004  **  here's my progress so far... i'm doing a test knit with Cashmerino Super Chunky...

**  when it's stretched out it looks like the right stitch, vertical stripes with strands inbetween... when its on my head it will be even more stretched and i think its gonna look perfect...

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