CABLE LOVE     debbie bliss baby cashmerino

UPDATE SEPT 02   ** yay!  now i can wear it!
i'm using a pin to secure the scarf around my neck, its so cute isnt it!  ;-)

click for a larger photo


UPDATE JULY 29   ** wow, i really pick at this one... here's some more progress

click for a really big photo

yes, thats a new dress in the background, got it yesterday for $15... sweet huh?

and here's a good contrast photo of the cable in the center of the scarf

UPDATE MAY 17   ** worked more rows on this cable knit... (wow, this photo came out really blue)'s turning into a mini-scarf, i think... i'm now going to add a flat kind of cable...

** yum yum, debbie bliss baby cashmerino... don't ask me why i have to use expensive yarn for swatches and test knits... i started this cable knit crazy, with a bit of twists and turns, then a plain double cable, then lengthened it to the top there to start larger cables...

close-up of the crazy cables

** and below is the back of the knitted piece... not too shabby, maybe i'll make a cable mini-scarf?!?!!

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