**  here's a side view on a foam head  :-)
its so hard taking photos of yourself...

BLIZZARD - Reynolds yarn

**  i passed this yarn by at my LYS multiple times, and finally "broke down" and bought two colors...

65% alpaca/35% acrylic 
100gm/66 yards 
2 1/2 sts = 1" on US 15 needles 
Super Bulky 
Price: $9-10 per skein

**  it is VERY soft and the colors are great!  BUT, look at the photo below... the inside of the skeins are all twisted and out of shape.. a big mess!!
another reason to buy yarn from the more expensive companies, even though these were $9.00 each!  i love the feel of the yarn, but it was a headache to straighten out half of the skein... i think the best thing would be to unravel a whole ball and hang it up overnite...

**  UPDATE:  i heard from someone who loves this yarn... she says it does have that inner "mess" but the sweater she made for her daughter is her daughters favorite and the yarn wears well... it may be on my "good" list after all...

** if you cant find Reynolds Blizzard

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Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky Hand Dyes are a perfect substitute!!

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