**  yay!  i forget exactly where i found the link to this thread, but i'm so glad!!  these baby booties are delicious!  my bf's sister is gonna die when i give them to her daughter Zoe... after i finish the second one  ;-)

>> thread about the pattern


link to the pattern on

** the yarn is: Berroco Suede and Plush... the pattern called for two colors of Suede, but at $9.50 a ball, i decided to do it all in one color... 

** only problem i had with the pattern:  it specified two sizes, one knit with US 4 & 5 for a 3-6 month old, the other knit with US 5 & 6 for a 6-12 month old... i had no US 4 or 5 needles, so i decided to go with US 3 needles for the whole bootie... my gauge came out smaller than the called for gauge, yet my bootie is about the size for a 1 yr old!!  well, i guess the 1 yr old will get the booties and the newborn will get the cap i made last week  ;-)

the sole of the bootie... if i made these again, i'd do crochet for the sole and knit the top part...

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