** remember the japanese crochet book i so loved from my Better Pal gift?!  well, my friends' little boy broke his fingers, so i wanted to make him a "softie" that also had a cast... (and i really wanted to make something from this book.. and this was the perfect excuse)

** I already finished the bear, but for once, took some project pics along the way  ;-)

** body and arms done... need to do legs and ears, and face...

** all thats left is the eyes!!!!   dont you love him!?

and since Leo has a cast for his fingers, his bear does too!

in the end, we couldn't decide if it was a bear or elephant or mouse... 

i did sew on eyes before givng him to Leo

 ** more photos to come... 
they are on my other computer...  
below are some of the more wacky patterns in the book... all written in japanese and easy to follow crochet charts

and with much better lighting this time  ;-)

i didnt end up making a mouth... he's much cuter without one, and can take on any personality at any time... perfect for a 9 yr old boy, haha

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