** so i had some Crystal Palace Big Net and Cherry Tree Hill Fun Fur, here's what i came up with... wish i had better photos, sorry... i think the key to this scarf is having a muted color of big net, like the tan color i used... then pick an intense color of fun fur..

** it's SO long, and super easy to knit!
-Big Net - shade 2144 taupe
-Fun Fur - shade old rose

-hold both yarns together
-cast on 9sts
-work garter stitch until you run out of yarn
-bind off first two sts, drop next stitch to unravel
-bind off next 5 sts, unravel last st all along the edge of the scarf, go back and unravel the first dropped stitch

now you have a section with horizontal strands and loops of yarn along one side... cool huh?!

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